• Eco Day - get at it!

    Eco Day - get at it!

    We've been loving the Eco Fest for both West and North Auckland - uber inspirational! 

    The festival culminates in an Eco Day Come and say hi to us this Sunday 13th April at the Eco Day in New Lynn! 

    Learn more here 

  • Win a ticket to WOMAD

    Win a ticket to WOMAD

    We're trying to help provide extra beds, tents and all manner of things for WOMAD. To celebrate this worldly festival - we're even giving away a ticket to the festival on our Facebook page.



    One of Aotearoa's most loved music festivals - Splore is just around the corner. Well on track to be our 'greenest' festival we're delighted to be partnering with Splore to connect people before the event to make sure they have all they need to enjoy their Splore experience. Check out these Splore listings

    We also have one ticket to give away to a lucky winner. Just create a listing on Rentaholic and share it on your Facebook page and you'll earn three chances of winning a ticket. Check out our Facebook page for more info! 




  • Big Day Out is coming!

    Big Day Out is coming!

    We're all looking forward to the Big Day Out this Friday and can't wait to see what they've done with the new venue. 

    It's also a great opportunity for people within the community to make a little extra cash by renting out spare rooms or even their driveway, like this!  

    Rent stuff out, enjoy new found wealth. Easy. 



  • Rentaholic Returns!

    Rentaholic Returns!

    Welcome to the new Rentaholic site! After almost a year in the making we're back baby! You can list anything on Rentaholic, well almost anything. It's free to create listings and always will be - so what are you waiting for? Get your rent on! 



  • Rent Your Life!

    Rent Your Life!

    Rentaholic has been hot in the press lately - check out this article from about Jacquie Brown renting a pair of Christian Louboutin designer heels on the website from the Herald on Sunday.


Get your rent on...Waitakere City